1V1Y SS18 Campaign

Creative Direction & Strategy

Founded in 2011, 1V1Y is an online retailer offering an extensive catalog of fashion, beauty and home deals. After several years as one of the most successful eCommerce websites operating in Turkey, in the growing e-commerce market, the company needed a new strategy and to reintroduce itself in a bold new look to stay competitive.

In early 2018, SEPTEMBER embarked on an advertising campaign for 1V1Y with the intent to grab the attention of online-savy youth and maximize clicks. The campaign hit just about every medium possible, from TV to radio, and also went viral to garner tens of thousands of views.

1V1Y  SS18 Campaign
1V1Y  SS18 Campaign
Director – Gazali Görüryılmaz & Ömer Sinir
Styling – Tuğçe Özakdağ
Copywriter - Selin Akıncı
Music - Ezgi Özkan
Production – Müşterek